Anita Avakian
Event Manager

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Anita Avakian


I’m an artist, but now I’m looking for a job (I had to move to a new country, so I’m starting from 0) and my dream is to at least be near the stage. Since 2015, I have been organizing events for myself and my colleagues. But I understand that in a new country there are different rules and  level, so I am ready to learn quickly. I love a stage and everything related to it. each cable and gear. I’ve always come to my shows before the stage is set and hang out with the crew because I’m a huge fan of these people, they give me a place to do my magic. I would love to have the opportunity to learn and work with the team behind the scenes. I am very responsible, but at the same time I know how to think and act  quickly in stressful situations (proven by the war). Thank you for your time anyway.

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