Flurina Hunkeler
Sound FOH, Sound MON, Stage Technician, System Engineer/Tech

UK, Switzerland

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Flurina Hunkeler

UK, Switzerland

I have 10 years of experience as a sound engineer, most of it in live music and live broadcast.

I work as a freelance sound engineer in London in mostly medium sized venues with the focus on urban, soul, jazz, electronica and indie folk.

I have done some touring in 2022 as a monitor system tech and really enjoyed the work.

I would like to transition full time in to touring.

I enjoy most FOH mixing. I have also a lot of experience mixing monitors. I like the work as a monitor system tech, I always learn a lot from the engineers and I like to set up the stage and the close work with the backline techs and musicians.

I am from Switzerland although live in London. I have a pre settled status in the UK and a UK limited company. But also have the right to work in Switzerland and Europe.

I speak German, English and French.

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