Gili Dailes

United Kingdom

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Gili Dailes

United Kingdom

Originally from Tel Aviv (Israel), I started photographing concerts professionally shortly after moving to Brighton in 2014. In previous years I have always followed my partner’s and brother’s bands with a camera, but it wasn’t until I moved to the UK that I decided to make something out of it.
I started shooting for 2 local magazines (Brighton Source and ArtNoiseEvents), which quickly led me to other photography opportunities and joining more online outlets as a photographer [Stitched Sound (2015-2018), The Photo Ladies, Highlight Magazine and Gig Junkies]. I also work directly with bands and musicians, doing promotional photos, tour photography and album artwork.
Today I’m also the Co-Editor of, as well as the Online Live Music Editor for

Being a musician myself (bass guitar), music is my number one passion in life and I’m the happiest when I’m there to document it.

Published (Print)
2018 – issue #2 of A Music Photography Magazine

Published (Online)

2019 – One by One Sixty – Solo exhibition
2019 – Sigma Gallery Expo Ear Plugs: Optional – ft. Adam Elmakias
2018 – Brighton Photo Fringe 2018  20 Years of Brighton Source

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