Laura Nagtegaal
Tour Manager, Stage Manager, Merch, Guitar Tech, Keys Tech, Backliner

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Laura Nagtegaal



I’m based in The Netherlands; I’m fluent in four languages; (Dutch, English, German, Italian), and have been the band’s safety net, while being jetlagged on 6 continents.

In these last 15 years, a typical year for me would be 200-270 days away from home. Recently though, I’ve actually taken a few steps back, to allow me to enjoy life outside of the tourbus a bit more, but I’m still available for the right band & crew.

I’ve been a full time guitar technician since 2002, and have, very often, picked up other roles on stage (mostly adding keyboards, and/or stage manager).

On and off stage, I naturally gravitated towards being the safety net, the glue that holds it all together, not letting my ego get in the way, and bands seemed to really appreciate that.

With me typically being the most sober and responsible one on the tour bus, designing convoluted spreadsheets just for fun, and keeping my cool (‘spreading a vibe of pure zen’ is an oft heard quote around me), it was only logical I added tour management to my portfolio.
I have mostly done TM combined with a backline function, but also ran a few tours as TM/merch, and actually really enjoyed that.

You can contact me for any of the following (combination of) job titles in no particular order:
tour manager – stage manager – merch – guitar tech – keys tech – general backline.

See you on the road!

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