Maria Parsaei
Catering Crew Member, Lighting Technician, Local Crew, Rigger, Runner, Stagehand, Stage Technician, Video Director/Video Technician, Wardrobe

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Maria Parsaei


I started working in the industry as a stagehand back in 2013 and not only have I evolved my knowledge in building PA, video, light and more, I love doing it and what I thought was going to be a side job became my full time career.

I love being part in building and to deliver entertainment and working flexible in different environment and crew. When I see a problem I also find 1-3 different ways to improve it based on experience.

To name a favorite I love building and connecting video/LED-walls, it’s  like a puzzle and I love it but I’m capable to adapt to your need to get the show up and running. Forklift, runner, catering, logistics, stage- and event technician.

I took a break from live events because of abuse and it literally broke my mental health. I work as a rigger and event technician at the congress hall in Gothenburg as a break from live events by Swedish production.
Now I’m ready for a comeback, extend to international live events and do what I’m best at, to get this show up and running.

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