Nadu Placca
Event Manager

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Nadu Placca

UK / Ghana / South Africa

Nadu Placca has over 12 years of experience within the events industry, which has enabled her to be an expert in her own right. A self-proclaimed event architect, with the track record to prove it, Nadu works with a variety of clients and is internationally
renowned for her work ethic, attention to detail and ability to think outside the box. Nadu provides strategic solutions in events production, programming, and experiential marketing by offering a tailored and bespoke service to each client.

Nadu powered through the industry, honed her skills through graduating with a BA in Events Management, Music and Media Management and developed a passion for events with the desire to share her knowledge. Nadu therefore established The Zoo XYZ, a creative agency built on the foundation of years of experience and a strong network of international industry specialists.
Nadu is passionate about events, experiences and training; as an advocate for young people in creative industries, she works to inspire, motivate, and support industry trainees to reach their potential. The Zoo XYZ encapsulates Nadu’s mission to turn her client’s vision into experience, in addition to giving back to her community through training and mentoring schemes.

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