5th WILMA Ceremony

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Dear everyone – It’s time to reveal the winners of this year’s WILMAwards 2022!
We will start the ceremony with a welcome note at 18.00 GMT. After that the Lebanese buffet is open (allergy – vegan/vegetarian friendly) accompanied by beer and soft drinks.
Before we reveal the receivers of WILMA 2022, we will play our traditional Bullsh*t Bingo as well as host the Crew Quiz with great prizes to be won!
In between we will entertain you with some of the work that WILM has done during 2022, and our lovely DJ will play some good ol’fashioned rock’n’roll tunes throughout the night.
This year we kindly ask for a temporary donation of £20 when registering to attend this event. This money will then be returned to you after attending. If you do not attend, it will be considered as a donation to the work WILM do to increase diversity backstage.
(The simple reason for this is that last year we had many people register and then not show up).

We hope of course you will show up, and you are very welcome to bring a friend/partner/colleague with you! The more the merrier.

Please sign up for the festivities at Eventbrite

We look forward to seeing you! – It has been too long, and we have a lot to celebrate! Not least WILM’s 5th anniversary, but also all the nominees and receivers of the WILMAwards 2022
See you Dec.15th!
The WILM team