Event Ethernet Network Workshop – fundamentals and a bit more

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Whether you are working with audio, lights, video etc, a great deal of the gig often depends upon a proper IT connection.
But as a Sound Engineer, Lighting Designer or a Video Operator how much do you actually know about IT? And are you capable of troubleshooting if something in your set-up isn’t working?
Well here is a unique chance to get familiar with the fundamentals and a bit more of the IT world!
Things you need to know and accept in order to handle your ethernet in the events industry:

· IP addresses – Why and How. Static, DHCP, Zeroconf.

· The Network traffic – where does it take you and why do we care about Casting, Vlan, RSTP, IGMP snooping, QOS, PTP & gPTP timing, AVB/milan and lots of other terms.

· Best practice – Do’s and Dont’s whilst we are trying to adapt a technology made and defined for fixed installs into our world of temporary gigs, forklifts, dirt and deadlines.

· Fiber vs copper – Connector types – Network Topologies​ and hardware

· All we do and talk about will relate to our Audio/Video/Light industry and the protocols we use for transporting our data.

Please bring your laptop!

Please note you will have to sign up via Eventbrite (See the link) We will however, need at least five attendees in order to go through with this workshop, so please make sure you are able to attend before signing up.
If you are signed up, but prevented from attending please go to Eventbrite’s page to cancel your ticket so another member can get your spot.

To attend the event you need to be a paid member of WILM (€20 annually via registration online www.womeninlivemusic.eu/sign-up/) or donate a fee of 10 € via PayPal by using our email: info@womeninlivemusic.eu

Once we have received your registration, we will provide you with additional information in an email before the event (location and contact details).

If it happens to be sold out, you will automatically be placed on a waiting list

Thank you GOBO light Denmark for hosting this workshop

For any questions, please contact us: info@womeninlivemusic.eu
All the Best WILM