Once again we want to acknowledge and highlight the brilliant women working ‘backstage’ within the Live Music Industry.

Here you can nominate your colleagues, friends and whoever you think deserves to win a WILMAward for their outstanding work. And YES you can nominate yourself!

It is okay to nominate yourself. No tricks though when we open the voting part, please.
If you nominated colleagues, please check that we get the correct details, spelling etc. and that they actually have been on the gig they are being nominated for.

The voting for this years winners of WILMA will start Nov. 30th 2021
Please check our Facebook Page for further info.

Thank you for the nomination: 
We appreciated that you took the time and supported WILM in the work of acknowledging and making
women in the live music industry more visible to each other and to the rest of the live music industry. 
Please note – By more than 10 nominates in one category WILM will draw lots, who will end up being nominated.A nominee can be nominated in several categories, but can only win one. That category the nominee gets the most votes in will be choosed.