Bianca Knehr
Lighting Designer, Lighting Director/Operator, Lighting Technician

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Bianca Knehr


Hi there!
I’m Bianca, probably better known as strobobibi, calling the music industry my home since more than ten years now.
In 2017 I noticed that my passion lies within stage and lighting design and that is when I started touring with bands and artists.
In my best case scenario I can provide the whole package for the artist: Which means not only giving them a stage and lighting concept, but also programming the show and operating it on tour.

Sustainability is a topic which is very underrepresented in the music industry and I am trying to give it more attention. Which is why I attended several training programs in 2021, making an effort to always keep that in mind in my work. I am also part of the intitiative Music Declares Emergency whose objective is to transform the music sector into an ecologically sustainable industry.

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