We believe in women in live music.
Lets stay tuned, connected
and bold.


Women in Live Music [WILM] is a European platform and
online community for women working in live music; this
includes various ‘behind the scene’ roles: Sound Engineers,
Tour Managers, Lighting Designers, Riggers, Backliners,
Stage Managers, Stagehands and more.


To this day, women only make up a minor percentage of the
working force in the music industry. This primary motivated
the creation of WILM, however, no change can be effective
without support from everyone; all genders are welcome to
join us in our effort to ensure a balanced diversity for the


This website, in addition to our pages on social media,
constitute a starting point in connecting our members. On a
daily basis, the members are encouraged to interact on social
media where everyone, of all genders, is invited to share
experiences, pictures, and tips with other members.
The community then goes beyond, into organizing workshops
and meet-ups throughout Europe. During these events,
members can interact, learn and forge long-lasting friendships
with like-minded individuals. These events therefore aspire to
create a supportive and inspiring community.


This list is a tool for bands, booking agencies, and companies
looking for a female crewmember – whether looking for
backliners in France or merch-sellers in Germany, this tool
aims at facilitating accessibility to qualified women working in
the field.
In addition, the Crew-list can also be used to network and
reach out to members from other regions, for the simple sake
of meeting or also to ask for guidance while on tour in their
We encourage all women working in the live music industry
to join our crewlist!

Thank you

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Malle Kaas

CEO for Women In Live Music

Malle is a live sound engineer with 20+ years of experience in the industry. She is based in Denmark and works freelance for bands, venues and production companies. She has worked as a technician for many major companies in Denmark, Germany, USA & the UK.

Hannah Brodrick

Co-director for Women in Live Music

Hannah is a live sound engineer and tour manager based in London. After gaining a degree in Music Technology and Sound design she started working for festivals and theatres and now tours worldwide with a variety of artists.

Trine Ulrich

Accountant for Women in Live Music

Trine has been working with accounting for 11 years. Her big passion is live music and she loves discovering new music and upcoming artists.
Trine has her own music-blog called Account The Beat, and she is on the board for Carpark Festival in Denmark.

Aistė Baltraitytė

Communication Manager for Women in Live Music & Camp Care for ‘Live Sound Summer Camp for Young Girls’.

Aistė is based in Denmark and holds a bachelors degree in Music Technology. After graduation she worked as a theatre sound engineer and a freelance sound technician.

Thea Louise Skou

Project Manager for Women In Live Music

Thea is a soon-to-be bachelor graduate in event management, based in Copenhagen. She is currently working as project manager for our ‘Live Sound Summer Camp for Young Girls’ and for Danish Independent Record Labels (DUP). Previously she worked as an assistant production manager at Roskilde Festival.




As we are a new organisation, we are currently looking to recruit new female representatives.

Please contact us if you wish to become a local or group representative.

Right now we are looking for all groups, but especially for female backliners and riggers. It is important for us to emphasize that this community is for all, but with a main focus to increase gender diversity within live music productions.

Even though we are looking for female representatives. We believe this is only possible when we work together, women and men as one.

..across Europe

Our Intro-workshops are for women either already working in the industry but would like to get learn about other roles. Or for absolute newcomers that would like to learn from scratch. 

Our Summer Camp is for girls between 15 & 18 years old that would like to be introduced to live sound. This runs for 4 days. The Summer Camp will take place in July in Denmark.

For more info, please email us at info@womeninlivemusic.eu

Timiann Melissa Olsen


Timiann has experience in coaching international crews and individuals.
Support within 24 hours in case of urgent conflicts within a crew, unpleasant experiences on a gig, or even personal issues.

Please see contact info below
Timiann is available on Skype, Zoom, Messenger, Whatsapp, Viber, Facetime or whatever works best for you

30 min – 50.00€
60 min – 90.00€

mail: timiann@timiann.com
phone: +45 53 771 668