Valerie Gard
Sound/FOH/MON/Stage Technician

Germany/United Arab Emirates instagram linkedin contact

Valerie Gard

Germany/United Arab Emirates

I’m a highly experienced and ever progressing sound engineer and system technician. I have vast knowledge and experience in system engineering, FOH and Monitor engineering, network engineering (Dante or any other digital sound protocols). I have a lot of experience in different venues, open-airs, stadiums etc. I’ve done a lot of touring as FOH/MON engineer. I’m always trying to widen my horizons and keep up to date. I’m mobile and easy to move anywhere in the world. I’m just a huge audio nerd and feeling awesome about it .


  • FOH mixing
  • Desks and infrastructure support, networking knowledge
  • System design, optimization and tuning, ability to work with different sound reinforcement systems (mostly d&b, but also L’acoustics, Meyer Sound, Clair) All the necessary software – ArrayCalc/R1, MappXT/Compass, Soundvision/LA Network Manager, Ease focus/Lake.
  • Digico, Yamaha CL/PM series, Midas Pro series, Avid Venue, Allen&Heath professional user.
  • Confident use and understanding of Dante technologies, troubleshooting. Dante certified trainer as well as the Level 3 certificate.
  • Software development iOS (Swift), Android (Kotlin in progress), WaveCalc sound calculator is available on AppStore
  • Studio recording/mixing
  • Master’s degree in sound-engineering with an average score of 5 (5-grade scale).
  • Advanced English and intermediate German.


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