According to GDPR our web designer will store any information, we may have on our members as long as this organisation remains under the name Women In Live Music (WILM), and in its current form as of May 25th 2018. But only for a maximum of 5 years.
If this changes, or if a member wishes to be removed from the website, WILM will take the responsibility to completely erase all information and any copies WILM may have on this member. On request WILM will return all material, including any copies to the concerned member. If you do not wish to be in our archive, please email us at and we will immediately remove and delete all your data, including any copies. All our data are stored at our webdesigners ‘Webdesignerei’ in Berlin. Whenever you use any of our forms for Merch, Newsletters, Events, ‘Crewlist, the server will store your informations through the use of cookies.
Here is how to delete cookies: