It's a competitive world out there...
but we all deserve a chance

Here is a list of educational resources and schools in Europe:


Rhythmic Music Conservatory
Music Production

Aalborg University
Master in Sound and Music Computing

Technical University Denmark
Master in Engineering Acoustics

Protools, one-on-one, 150 € for two days – All levels, Denmark
Please emails us at for more information.

The Netherlands

Abbey Road Institute
Advanced Diploma in Music Production & Sound Engineering

Music and Technology

Fontys Rockacademie
Rock Academy 

International Music Management


Britannia Row Productions
Live Sound Training

Point Blank Music School
Live Sound Engineering

Live Sound Training
Live Sound Training Course

dBs Music
Bachelor in Live Sound

The Creative Audio Group
Higher Sound – Residential Training Program

University of Derby
Audio Engineering MSc

The School of Music Business
Music Business Courses


dBs Berlin Music
Music Production & Sound Engineering

We know how valuable it is…

to get experience in the live music industry no matter what role it is you’re interested in.
One goal we have here at WILM is to help more women get the experience they need to start out.

Passing on knowledge and experience is vital for the next generation of Women in Live Music!

Please get in touch if you would like to be connected to a mentor below,
or become a mentor yourself at


Here's a List of the people who support us by mentorship

Zoe Hart Rigger London | UK


Claire Murphy Backline UK
Laura Helene Nagtegaal Backline/Merch Utrecht | Netherlands


Paula Trounce Light London | UK
Ani Klitmöller Light Designer Copenhagen | Denmark


Kirsten Baumberg-Gorham Sound | Stage Manager Frankfurt | Germany
Tanja (Tjay) Young Sound Frankfurt | Germany
Sanna Aurora Fernkvist Melin Sound Sweden,
Cairo | Egypt
Becky Pell Sound-Monitors UK
Louise Roed Sound Odense, Denmark
Adrian Chibulentean Sound London | UK
Will Fenton Sound | Backline London | UK
Sofie Hunter Sound Somerset, Wells | UK
Malle Kaas Sound Copenhagen | Denmark
Hannah Brodrick Sound London | UK
Sana Romanos Sound Beirut | Lebanon


Jenny Semmence Tour Manager | Merch Bridport | UK


Olga Kenig Merch Hamburg | Germany


Caitlin Mogridge Music Photographer London | UK

Timiann Melissa Olsen


Timiann has experience in coaching international crews and individuals.
Support within 24 hours in case of urgent conflicts within a crew, unpleasant experiences on a gig, or even personal issues.

Please see contact info below
Timiann is available on Skype, Zoom, Messenger, Whatsapp, Viber, Facetime or whatever works best for you

30 min – 50.00€
60 min – 90.00€

phone: +45 53 771 668


Becoming a parent is a huge change for those of us working in the Live Music Industry.

For most of us, our job is our passion. We quite often freelance and have no steady monthly income. We work weird hours, and often a break is something you can only dream of.

For somebody who loves touring, crowded festivals and perhaps winding down in the bar after a gig, it might feel like you have to let all that go when kids come into the picture – not to mention how on earth would you be able to work those crazy hours whilst being pregnant or breastfeeding a little baby?

So what if you make the decision that you can do this? How will your co-workers, employers etc react? We hear so much about ‘rejection’ from our beloved industry, when someone announces their pregnancy, both on stage and behind the stage. This is leading to many choosing to hide their pregnancy.

We can only imagine that if you don’t have any visible role models, who can show you how it actually works, or people in your surroundings that you could turn to with questions and thoughts on how to figure things out, it can seem extremely overwhelming becoming a mum in the live music industry.

In 2020 WILM released the report Motherhood combined with a career in the Live Music Industry
Out of 300+ respondents (both crew and musicians), 85% of the mums asked said they have been able to return to work after having children. However, we know full well how lonely it can be to be a woman in this industry. We can only imagine that for a mother or mother-soon-to-be it could be even more isolating.

When WILM’s own graphic designer, Anna spoke out about the need for someone in the industry to toss and turn thoughts with during her pregnancy, it lit the spark to finally take this into action and start a community to unite crew-mums from all over, cause we all know that sharing is caring – so here we go! (p.s We welcome artists as well!)
Please sign up below to our mailing list. We will then make sure to invite you to a monthly meeting online, where you can share your story and experiences – ask questions and cry out if needed. You will be among other women from the industry that can relate to how you are feeling.
We will also make sure to invite you to our private Facebook Group, where you can interact with the other mums in this group on a daily basis.
If you need to get directly in touch with us, please don’t hesitate to email us at
All the best,
Anna & the rest of the WILM team

“I always felt free to include my child and personal life into my career. My career is here to serve my private life and personal aspirations/dreams, not the other way around.” quote from one of the participants from WILM’s report on Motherhood combined with a career in live music.


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