Jess Kollman
Event Manager, Merchandise, Photographer (Tour/Concert), Promoter/Promoters Rep, Tour Manager

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Jess Kollman


I am Jess, non-binary, 23 years old and heavy music enthusiast.
I am a skilled event manager due to my successfully completed apprenticeship at a local promoter with an own venue and a very small team. Thus I have experience in everything from preparing tech riders, setting up presales, personnel management and more. In October and November I had the opportunity to go on tour for 4 weeks as a local promoter rep which was a big success. Additionally I have gathered lots of experience with concert photography and some videography. Eight Months ago I started volunteering for Tough Magazine (online heavy music magazine) as a photographer and (now) journalist as well.
My work in the alternative community is very important to me due to the fact that I grew up in it.

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