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Marita Mirabella


In 2003 I started taking the first steps in the music industry as a writer and photographer for a national magazine and some webzines.
Later in 2006 I founded a heavy metal label (Punishment 18 Records), organized, produced and tour-managed two short Italian tours.
Throughout the years I have worked as merchandiser for several bands and still do at some international metal festivals.
In 2018 I landed a local “hospitality/dressing rooms management” job working with the biggest promoters and artists, hence turning my passion for music into my main job.
2022: I have been tour managing:
– both legs of Heathen’s European Summer tour over a 3 months period (handling merch too)
– Vektor’s Activate Europe tour
– Dark Funeral tour management + merchandiser European Tour with Cannibal Corpse
– two European tours already booked in the fall as tour manager (and merchandiser on one of the two)
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