Marlene Brüggemann
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Marlene Brüggemann


I have been working as a freelance sound engineer since 2018.

I started out at some small and mid sized venues in Vienna.

Since then I worked mainly in the live sound business as a FoH engineer, MON engineer, RF technician or stage tech at concerts, festivals, theater or performance productions.

In 2022 I mostly toured with Austrian bands in small to mid-sized European clubs and festivals or as support for larger acts. Due to budgets and the size of the venues I mostly mix FoH and foldback monitors from my SQ 5 console.

I would also enjoy working solely as a monitor engineer, especially if there is a way to use KLANG.

I am really interested in sound system optimization in live music. I would really enjoy assisting, developing my own workflow and eventually work as a sys tech myself.

I appreciate honest, friendly and encouraging colleagues. I hope to work more as member of a sound team for larger bands and productions. Because I think learning from colleagues is a great gift and also so much more fun.

I am part of a collective called pink noise camp ( in Austria by giving foundation sound engineering workshops to FLINTAs and planning and working at an annually camp for teenage FLINTAs.

I speak German and English.

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