Telja Riechel
Event Manager, Merchandise, Photographer (Tour / Concert)

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Telja Riechel


My name is Telja and I’ve always had a passion for anything concert related. I started doing concert photography last year when I won a photo pass for a gig in cooperation with The Name Game UK. Since then I’ve done a lot of shows but I’m still trying to find my place in the live music industry. I’m currently enrolled in a bachelors degree for Communications & Event Management. For that I did an internship at the LANXESS arena in Cologne and got some more insights into live events which I loved! I did some merch for the arena and just recently landed my first merch gig with a band I’ve following for a while. I’m not sure what position I want to work in in the long run, for now I’m just enjoying everything that’s coming my way.

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