Tourmaline Berg
Artist Liaison, Production Manager, Production Assistant, Tour Manager, Tour Manager Assistant, Program Manager, Stage Manager

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Tourmaline Berg


I am a South African/British woman, who is extremely passionate about  the music and events industry. I am looking to expand my community, therefore I am looking for work opportunities in other parts of the world….
Coming from a household filled with music, I gravitated towards this industry. I have worked in the music industry since 2012 in various capacities. Management, booking agent, events production, tour management are just a few of the many roles I have played in this music world.
I now own and run my own agency, Aloe Aloe music. Where I have a roster of artists, and we are created smaller events, as well as working freelance for bigger companies to help produce and give the performing artists that 100% attention and care behind the scenes, that they need.
I pride myself in creating spaces of diversity and inclusivity, constantly keeping my ears and eyes open to what is happening/changing in the cultural scenes around.
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