Giulia Artemisia Nicosia
Sound/FOH/MON/Stage Technician

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Giulia Artemisia Nicosia


I have 5+ years of experience in the live event business in a variety of positions. I started out by working mostly in the office, but then found out I loved the techie world. I worked as a system tech, FOH engineer, sound tech and project manager. A lot of my work has been making sure everything would work during the show, that the equipment would be enough and appropriate. I’ve worked mostly with classical music and opera in a large number of venues and for multiple festivals around Italy as a freelance Sound technician, working for a rental company specialised in such events. I developed expertise in operating digital mixing boards; audio over I.P., immersive sound systems, and maintaining huge variety of hardware and software. I speak Italian, English, German and basic French.

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