Janice Jeckel
Booking Agent, Merchandise, P.A. (Personal Assistant), Production Assistant, Tour Manager


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Janice Jeckel


I’m Janice – Your Multilingual Tour Manager Extraordinaire!

With a rich background that includes living in various European countries, I’ve not only cultivated a deep understanding of diverse cultures but have also become fluent in German, Italian, Swedish, and English, ensuring seamless communication wherever the road takes us.

My journey in tour management is backed by a solid foundation in merchandising and booking, allowing me to expertly handle every aspect of the tour, from coordinating merchandise sales to securing top-notch venues. With meticulous attention to detail and a proven track record of success, I ensure that every show runs smoothly and exceeds expectations.

In addition to my expertise in tour management, my role as a customer service lead in the gaming industry has equipped me with invaluable problem-solving skills and the ability to thrive in high-pressure environments. This background adds significant value to my work profile, enabling me to handle any challenges that may arise on the road with professionalism and composure.

I’m passionate about creating unforgettable experiences for artists and audiences alike, and I look forward to the opportunity to bring your vision to life on tour.

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