Kasia Cudek
Artist Liaison, Catering Crew Member, Event Manager, Local Crew, Merchandise Manager, P.A. (Personal Assistant), Production Assistant, Production Coordinator, Promoter / Promoter’s Rep, Runner, Site Manager, Tour Manager, Wardrobe

Poland / Luxembourg

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Kasia Cudek

Poland / Luxembourg

If you’re looking for someone who knows how to throw a wild party (and keep it all together), then you’ve come to the right place. As a production coordinator and tour manager, I’ve seen it all…

But don’t let the fun fool you – behind the scenes, I’m a logistical master. I can navigate a tour bus through rush hour traffic, negotiate with grumpy venue managers, manage a team of rowdy roadies with ease and made sure the green room is stocked with only the finest craft beer. From rock stars to rappers, from classical concerts to commercial tours, I’ve seen and done it all – and I’ve got the backstage passes to prove it 😉

So whether you need someone to whip your tour into shape or just to make sure the after-party stays epic, I’m your gal.

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