Kseniia Sokolova
Sound FOH, Sound MON, System Engineer/Technician

United Arab Emirates

k9168483965@gmail.com linkedin contact

Kseniia Sokolova

United Arab Emirates

My experience includes working as a front-of-house engineer, monitor engineer and system engineer, and I am comfortable in any position. I came into live sound industry in 2011. I graduated from university with a degree in sound engineering. I worked for eight years as a sound engineer and system engineer in one of the biggest rental company. I create sound designs in Soundvision or ArrayCalc using 3D model of the venue, which I adapt in AutoCAD or SketchUp.

I am passionate about my work and see it as my hobby, always studying and trying to improve my skills in the industry. I am a quick learner and always strive to stay current with new technical possibilities. And I am very goal-oriented and enjoy solving difficult technical challenges.

I have experience working on a wide range of events, from corporate parties to big shows, open airs, live festivals and orchestras.
– Skilled in operating most current consoles: Yamaha, Digico, Midas
– Advance level in: Lake, P1, Outline Newtone
– Proficient in amplifiers and amplifiers software:
LAB Gruppen PLM;
L-Acoustics LA4, LA8, LA12;
D&B D80;
LA Network Manager, R1, Lake controller
– Soundvision and Array Calc user on an advanced level
– Strong ability in multichannel recording (dante/madi) using boom recorder and reaper
– Strong ability in mounting sound systems
– Setup and tune speakers

I am based in Dubai, always open for collaboration, ready for business trips and would be glad to apply my skills for your show!
Feel free to connect k9168483965@gmail.com

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