Lisa Greve
Artist Liaison , Event Manager , P.A. (Personal Assistant) , Production Assistant , Production Coordinator Coordinator, Promoter / Promoters Rep , Stage Manager , Tour Manager , Venue Manager , VIP Experience Manager

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Lisa Greve


I have done every job you could name and that has taught me a lot. At the start of the way to where I am now I was running a kebab shop, doing social work or dealing with customs worldwide. I learned to be organized, structured, peaceful, a fair & loyal teamplayer and a lot about numbers. Seven Years ago I finally found my home in the event industry and after a two year apprenticeship as an Event Manager I started working freelance at festivals and concerts. Tourmanager, Local Promoters Rep, Artist Liaison, Stage Manager, Booking, Production Assistant… it’s more than a job – it’s passion.
As a tourmanager I’ve done tours with travel parties up to 100 people in venues up to 50.000 pax. That doesn’t mean that I don’t love a beautiful clubtour. 🙂

non-drinking, non-smoking

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