Lucy Smith
Sound Engineer

United Kingdom

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Lucy Smith

United Kingdom

Living the dream in the world of freelance Sound Engineering with over 15 years experience in the industry.

I am based just outside of Liverpool, UK and have travelled all over the world doing the job I love. I am reliable, take pride in my strong work ethic and love meeting new people!

I have a diverse range of experiences from working in small pubs to large scale touring theatre productions and fast turnover music festivals. I have also enjoyed doing FOH in iconic venues such as the Royal Albert Hall, London and a unique event for HM The Queen’s staff at Windsor Castle.

I am comfortable in using both analogue and digital equipment. As well as FOH engineering, I have experience in monitors, rigging/patching, staging, lighting, visuals and studio recording.

I have sound equipment capable of catering to audiences of approximately 1000 people and acts ranging from soloists to a 13-piece band.

Besides live sound, I also have a passion for playing piano and guitar.

Please see my website for further details and I look forward to making great new contacts!

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