Tejka Vasiljevic
Tour Manager/Assistant


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Tejka Vasiljevic


Tejka is head of WILM’s section in the Balkans.

She’s a self-taught drummer who has been on stage since she was 15 years old. She is a member of the bands YÖU and Emma from Skopje, and is currently playing as a replacement for the German punk rock band The Higgins. She is also part of Skopje Drum Talks, an organization for educating and supporting drummers.

Through drumming, she learns about the technical process behind and on stage and starts working as a promoter, tour manager, stage manager, drum tech, backliner, merch and driving artists on tour.
She is currently working as an artist driver and artist host at the German Summer Breeze Festival, which is the second largest metal festival in Europe, she is the manager of the band Shock Troopers and also works on other big well-known events/festivals/tours.
Tejka has worked on well-known events like: Taksirat, All you need is love Festival, Zemjotres, Summer Breeze, Hideout Festival, Luzer Fest etc.

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