Wil Denneman
Merchandise Manager, Photographer (Tour/Concert), Tour Manager, VIP Manager

United Kingdom, Netherlands

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Wil Denneman

United Kingdom, Netherlands

I am a passionate, hardworking and enthusiastic Touring Merchandise Manager who came into the industry as a music fan who travelled all across the world to attend gigs of my favourite artists. This love for live music and is still visible in the quality of my work to this day.  I now tour the UK and Europe (bus/van tours), as well as local work, and graduated with a first class BA(hons) Music Business degree.

Throughout the years I have worked in many different roles to get experience, out of curiosity or simply to work on my transferrable skills. I originally started in the industry as a Music Journalist writing for local publications as a volunteer in 2017, and still do this as a photographer and writer for a local publication. I have also worked many local events and festivals in roles such as Accessibility, Artist Liaison, Production, Stage Management, VIP and more, and am always open for a new challenge. Whilst I work primarily as a Merchandise Manager these days, I also love working as a freelance photographer and recently finished my first tour as TM/Photographer.

I am primarily based in Bristol, UK, but grew up in The Netherlands, where my passion for music and the industry is rooted.

Due to my Dutch nationality and right to work in the UK, I have few limitations to travel and work internationally (UK, EU, Schengen), and have the ability to temporarily relocate to Eindhoven (NL) for work. In addition, I speak multiple languages of which fluent Dutch and English.

Please reach out for my availability and rates, whether tours or local work, or simply to connect and chat!

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