WILM Radio Show #11

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The two founders of Women In Live Music, Malle Kaas & Hannah Brodrick are featured in the last edition of the WILM Radio Show for this year πŸ’ƒhttps://www.ancroo.com/live/

It’s today, Monday at 19.00 GMT+1 that they will reveal the reasons for creating the WILM community, and how they came up with the WILMA awards, and what WILM will be up to in the beginning of the new year 🌺 It will all be spiced up with some of their favorite music under guidance of the magnificent WILM Radio host Erin Lynch.

A Big Thank You πŸ™ to our WILM graphic designer Anna Gideonsson πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ¨ & our steady WILM Radio editorβœ‚οΈ Aiste Baltraityte, that both has done an amazing job ❀ πŸ“»


And nevertheless: A huge Thank You to the lovely crew at Ancroo Live, the radio station for road crew by road crew for hosting the show!