5th, 10th, 12th of March – WILM Walk & Talk @ Hamburg, Copenhagen, Berlin

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Ever wondered what life is on the road? Or what backstage looks like at a larger touring production?
March 5th, 10th & 12th you will have the possibility to hear more about who does what, when and how on a showday!
If you live in one of the following cities, please email us at info@womeninlivemusic.eu in order to reserve a spot for this event.
Please headline your email with the city where you wish to join:
Hamburg (March 5th) Barclays Arena
Copenhagen (March 10th) K.B.Hallen
Berlin (March 12th) Verti Music Hall
Meeting time for all three events is 13.30 local time. If you have got a spot, we will email the meet-up location to you with a confirmation.
Email: info@womeninlivemusic.eu
NB you need to be a paid WILM member in order to attend.
Not a WILM member yet? Sign up here: https://womeninlivemusic.eu/sign-up/