Loud-Speaker Shootout – Test your listening skills

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Are you interested in sound? A sound technician? A festival? A rental company? Or maybe you have the most perfectly tuned ears and want to test them?

With Eddy Bogh Brixen (Vice chairman of AES’s Technical committee on Audio Forensics) as a guide, you can come closer to a qualified bid for what we should listen to when comparing speakers.
6 loudspeaker brands have put their equipment up to a solid test when we AB test their products in a line array and find out what works in speech, classical music and a good old-fashioned Pop / Rock.
Not even vendors will know when their system is being played, so it will be an exciting double blind test with you as a judge!
The polls will be settled, quite anonymously, via the mobile phone. So you must arrive fully charged, in every way!
Arrangement is free and you will get the results over dinner, which costs 100 kr, -.

This event is happening in association with Danish Sound Innovation

In case of questions, please email us at info@womeninlivemusic.eu