The Show Must Go On – But how far should we go?

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About having an unhealthy work environment:
Haven’t we all been there, where we felt a bit under the weather or maybe even had an injury, but still carried on doing our job? Because the show must go on….or should it?
When are we supposed to draw a limit? And who is supposed to draw that limit? Is it us or the ones we work for, the artist, or management? What do we do when we see a colleague or artist struggling with addiction, sickness etc? What do we do when it comes to ourselves? Why do we insist on staying on the job despite a fever, a broken leg or worse?
When the job comes with a prize and we have to pay with our physical or mental health, is it then worth it? Could the situation be different? Can an unhealthy culture in the touring life be changed? And who has the responsibility at the end?
Women In Live Music will discuss these issues with peers from the industry, and hopefully, get closer to answering how we can create a more healthy work mentality in the live events industry.
We are hoping for a great and inspiring workshop.
Please register here:…/wilm-show-go
If you can’t make for the workshop, please come and meet us at the WILM stand #7 in Industry Associations area
See you there