Walk & Talk – Paramore “This Is Why” Tour

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WILM is delighted to offer the opportunity of an exciting “Walk & Talk” of Paramore’s tour production.
WILM Co-Director Hannah Brodrick will be there to meet attendees and with the help of the Paramore crew give WILM members an overview of the production which includes sound, lighting, video, pyro, backline and much more!
To give you an insight in how a big show like this gets built, we hopefully will have the chance to visit different departments and talk to the wonderful people that run them.
Whether you are experienced or a total newcomer, you will be very welcome to participate in our event at this iconic venue.
The walk & talk will take about 2 hours – please note this event do not give admission to the show in the evening.
The spots for this event are limited to 20 places. Sign up for free via the Eventbrite link and you will receive a confirmation mail if you have got a spot. If the event has sold out there is a waitlist.
🫶 ❕If you cannot attend anymore please cancel your order via Eventbrite or let us know ASAP so someone else can take your place❕
To register for the event you need to be a paid member of WILM (€20 registration online www.womeninlivemusic.eu/sign-up/)
When we have received your registration, we will provide you with additional information in an email before the event (location and contact details).
For any questions, please contact us: info@womeninlivemusic.eu
All the Best, WILM