WILM Radio Show #8

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Friday at 18.00 GMT we got the next round of an hour WILM Radio show.
As usual it is hosted by Tourmanager Erin Lynch, and this time Dr. Katja Ehrenberg is her guest. Why are we better in a group and how can we be the best group? How the hell do we manage to get back to do gig’s without losing our minds 🤯
Pour yourself a glass of chardonnay or mineral water, kick back and get the answer

Katja started off studying psychology her early enthusiasm for social, organizational and health psychology never left her throughout the versatile steps of her career. In 2016, Katja completed an advanced training as Systemic Counsellor (SG-certified) and incidentelly got the chance to give a talk at the 9th YOUROPE GO group workshop organized by Holger Jan Schmidt in Cologne. Thanks to Holger, she has contributed since to a number of conference pannels and workshops on stress and mental health in the live music and event industry and met many wonderful people there. One of these events inspired the idea to collect their colorful stories and perspectives and make them available beyond live acts, i.e., in a book. The project “stay SOUND & CHECK yourself” is meant to be more than that book, though, aiming at further systematic research and prevention programmes on the issue. Some of her offers are promoted also by banana & salt. Katja lives in Bonn with her two teenage kids and five tame rats. In her sparetime, among other things, she volunteers at KULT41, a small yet legendary alternative concert venue.

Apart from stay SOUND & CHECK yourself, Holger’s and her in-depth feature on stress and mental health behind the scenes of the live music, festival and event industry before and during COVID-19, Katja has provided journal articles and conference talks for over 20 years now (see here). Two of her recent popular scientific books may be of interest to our German speaking audience (or community?), one focussing on stress, communication and self-care at the workplace in general and one on networking skills for starting and building a career.