First WILM Newsletter




Since launching the website in March we have been busy gathering content, filling up the Crewlist and finding new mentors.
Here’s a little bit about what’s been going on….


It’s only been some weeks but we’ve already got 29 lovely ladies on our Crewlist, and at least one member has had a tour offer already!
The purpose of the Crewlist is to make it easier for Bands, Agencies, Venues etc to find a female crewmember, but you can also use the list to find members to connect with all over Europe. So far we have members from Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Norway and UK but we would love to see more countries represented on the list!

When we’ve reached a higher number of members, it is our intention to share the Crewlist within our network of venues, booking agencies and production companies.
So what are you waiting for?

Two of our members:


Jessica Maria Thorzén


Kaylee Wesley Pearson


We are very proud to announce we now feature six wonderful mentors on our website who are here to offer advice and experience to new members. If you would like to become a mentor please email us at (both: men and women welcome!)


We had our very first event on March 6th, a big thank you to all those who attended.
The purpose was to find a standard form for a
PA speaker shootout. We invited 5 loudspeaker distributors to demonstrate the new procedure we had worked out in cooperation with Danish Sound innovation and Eddy Bogh Brixen (Vice chairman of AES’s Technical Committee on Audio Forensics).
The event was a huge success and received a lot of attention, especially from the danish audio industry, and more than 80 Sound engineers attended the event.
We will post a blog about our Loudspeaker Shootout next week.



Frankfurt Pro Light & Sound – Germany, 10-13th April

We are excited to announce we will be representing at Prolight & Sound in Frankfurt this year from the 10th-13th April.
On the 11th – 13th we will be at Silent Stage Hall 4.1, C60.
A big thank you to Klang:Technologies and PLS for hosting us! Do send us a message if you would like to meet up with us or if you need a badge.

Spot+ Aarhus – Denmark,
11th May

WILM director Malle Kaas will be giving a speech at this year’s Spot+ festival in Denmark. Spot+ is a big music industry festival which hosts a lot of panel discussions and community presentations giving insights, networking and inspiration. More information can be found

London Meet up, TBC!

We are also working on a meet up in London in the near future as we would
like to say hi to the many of our new UK members

More Events, workshops and meet ups for this year are in the progress.


photo taken by one of our members Jessica Sneddon Photography

Social Media

We now have over 900 group members on Facebook! Our members have been sharing tips, posting photos of their gigs and giving each other some excellent advice. Keep it up guys!
We thank you for all your support. Please help us by spreading the word.
And our hashtags for Instagram:
#wilm #womeninlivemusic

All the best from the team at WILM ♥