21st of March 2024 – Optimization of Festival Communication @ Online

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Attention: Tourmanagers, Promoters, Technicians, Bookers, Merch Sellers, Backliners etc.
When you have a 115 bands lineup, a crew of 300 volunteers, and every year bump into new challenges with bands, the stage production etc etc and the collaboration/communication between the different workfields doesn’t run as smoothly as it should and cause issues across the whole line – What to do in order to optimize the collaboration, respect the conditions and provide the necessary info)
We would like to have a discussion to understand how to make things smoother for all parts, while having to stick to a strict coordination to keep everyone happy, and are therefore inviting those interested March 21, 16h GMT, to an online discussion on the overall collaboration with festivals.
The first goal of the discussion is to allow different actors to understand the various coordination challenges that apply to the handling of multiple bands on festivals, and strategies to tackle them. The secondary purpose of this discussion is to make space for those actors to share their own processes and challenges. From that extended understanding, we hope all parts will be able to collaborator in a more efficient way in festival context, and maximise performances while lowering stress levels overall.
1/ introduction of the context. What’s included.
Booking, festivals riders, communication, backstage management/hospitality, stage management, festival merch.
2/ presentation of the moderators, and self introduction of the participants
3/ Communication and Documents : who to, when to, what.
4/ Return of infos, deadlines discussion
5/ How to be efficient onsite, bands challenges, hospitality, techs and merch stand challenges
6/ post gig, settlement + payments + logistics
Hope to see you online Thursday at 16.00 GMT